Welcome to Hyderabad Book Trust (HBT)

A registered trust. We publish 10 - 20 books a year on varied topics.

Hyderabad Book Trust is a not-for-profit publishing collective set up in 1980 to address the need for broad-based diverse reading that addresses the concerns of society, for all sections of Telugu people.

Discover HBT’s Journey

January 1980
Started HBT
1990: By the start of 1990, we published more than 82 titles and began a major foray into Dalit literature. We also started the first Dalit little magazine, Nalupu.
2000: We added more than 60 more titles to our catalogue. Nalupu closed down in 1994 due to lack of delivery of content on time, financial distress and management burnout.
2010: We added more than 125 titles to our list and branched out into several new areas like queer literature, reprints of old classics
2020: We added 86 titles to our list, completed 40 years in service to Telugu literature and activism and are making our way into a digital world.

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